As a candidate running for state office for the first time, it was inspiring to see ELM’s willingness to jump into our race in Haverhill. To illustrate ELM’s tenacity and impact – the first time I met Joe in person was while he was already out in the field with a packet of doors to knock on for our campaign. Environmental justice and the economic gains of green energy were vital components of mobilizing people in our campaign. We couldn’t have successfully pushed that message without ELMs digital, mail, and canvassing support.

State Representative Andy Vargas

I am extremely grateful to the Environmental League of Massachusetts for providing resources on the ground and online to further my message during the campaign. We were thrilled to receive an extensive social media campaign via sponsored ads and original digital media that directly reached ELM members in district. During “Get Out the Vote” and “E-Day”, ELM sent their staff to knock on doors when it mattered the most despite numerous elections occurring statewide. Thank you, ELM!

Boston City Councilor Lydia Edwards

The ELM endorsement served a strong third party validator of my campaign pledge to protect and preserve Easthampton’s environmental assets. Specifically, the ELM mailer lent credibility to my commitment to sustainable development and transportation while protecting open space.  With the ELM team knocking doors with me, I was able to expand the range of voter contact at the doors.  In my race, every single vote counted and I have no doubt that my win was helped by ELM’s hands-on, real-time support of my candidacy.

Easthampton Mayor Nicole LaChapelle

I am so thankful for the support of the ELM Action Fund and its members in my primary campaign for State Representative. I am passionate about energy policy and environmental protection, and as a first-time candidate the support from ELM Action Fund was monumental, including support on issues and messaging, strategic advice, voter contact through a member mailing and volunteer phone banking, and even GOTV election day support. I am so proud to have ELM Action Fund behind me as I continue on to a competitive general election, and to know that they’re out there fighting all over the state.

State Representative Natalie Higgins

The endorsement I received from the Environmental League of MA this past campaign cycle has meant the world to me and made a true difference in the campaign. I was honored to have their “stamp of approval”, but the team went several steps further in reaching out to like minded voters in my district with letters, phone calls, and actual boots on the ground. For a district so far from Boston, this is very unusual and highly valued. I know that I will work hard to keep the endorsement of ELM, not just because we are natural allies in advancing policy, but also because they clearly have my back.

State Representative Tricia Farley-Bouvier

One of the most effective aspects of our campaign was that voters heard from people they trusted on issues they cared about. One of the most successful efforts was by ELM, who called people concerned about the environment. When they personally told voters about my work, it was extremely convincing. A trusted source was affirming that I have worked on issues they care about: solar and wind energy, stopping gas pipelines, the Green Line Extension, the Mystic River. And we followed that up with our own flyer on those issues.

State Senator Pat Jehlen