Gerly Adrien

Mayor of Everett

Gerly Adrien is the first Black, Haitian-American, female City Councilor At-Large for the City of Everett. She is an advocate for positive environmental change. As Mayor, she would push for the transition to 100% renewable energy and support infrastructure improvements to make communities resilient to climate change impacts. Councilor Adrien has a deep understanding of the connections between bold environmental policy and a strong economy. As Mayor of Everett, Adrien will create a sustainable and equitable future for all.

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Andrea Freeman

Mayor of Leominster

Andrea Freeman is an 18-year Leominster resident with a strong environmental platform. She has spent her professional career working with organizations such as Growing Places and the Massachusetts Public Health Association that have given her an appreciation for the intersectionality of wide-ranging issues and climate change. She understands ELM’s priorities and as mayor she will lead the city to prepare for the effects of climate change and work to promote a culture of sustainability and energy efficiency. 

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Robert Gignac

Lowell City Council District 2

Robert Gignac is running on a platform committed to making Lowell a climate-oriented city. He understands the severity of the climate crisis and his professional career shows that he is more than willing to take on the challenge. His main goals as City Councilor are to cut the city’s reliance on fossil fuels by promoting renewables and promote a culture of sustainability and green living throughout the city.

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Etel Haxhiaj

Worcester City Council District 5

Etel Haxhiaj is passionate about providing a safe and healthy environment in Worcester. A single mother of two boys, she values the protection of open spaces and increasing walkability, bike-ability, and pedestrian safety through traffic calming measures. She’s also working to make public transit in Worcester efficient, fare-free, and sustainable. Haxhiaj has advocated for banning gas in new construction in Worcester, addressing unrepaired gas leaks, and transitioning to 100% renewable energy by 2030. As Worcester District 5 City Councilor Haxhiaj will enforce environmentally necessary actions to create a better future for her community. 

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Tanya Lobo

Taunton City Council At-Large

Tanya Lobo is a proud Afro-Latina, a mother of three, and a Taunton resident who is committed to building a stronger community. She is running for City Council on a platform centered around environmental justice. She understands that issues surrounding public health and maternal health are all linked to climate change. She has the agency to take meaningful action to fight climate change on the municipal level.  

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María Belén Power

Chelsea City Council District 8

María Belén Power is a lifelong organizer, having advocated for immigrants, workers, and public housing tenants before starting her current role at GreenRoots Chelsea. She is running on a platform centered around justice and is dedicated to bringing improved quality of life, energy democracy, climate resiliency, and equitable transit access to the people of Chelsea as their city councilor from the 8th district. Power was most recently appointed by President Biden to serve on the White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council. She will bring experience, passion, and knowledge to the city council as she fights for a Chelsea that serves all of its residents. 

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Michelle Wu

Mayor of Boston

Councilor Wu has been leading on environmental and energy issues since she was first elected to the City Council in 2013 and she has lead the fight on community choice energy, plastic bag ban and so many other issues. Before running for office, she worked at City Hall for Mayor Tom Menino and on Senator Elizabeth Warren’s first campaign. She was the first candidate to enter the 2021 mayoral race and has released an ambitious and comprehensive plan for a Boston Green New Deal and Just Recovery.

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