Call Your State Representative and Urge Bold Climate Action 

New climate science tells us that we need to move faster to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. According to the latest report from the International Panel on Climate Change, Massachusetts needs to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 to avoid the most disastrous effects of the climate crisis. It will take bold, fast action by the legislature to protect our future.

H.3983, An Act to create a 2050 roadmap to a clean and thriving commonwealth would make crucial updates to our emissions reduction targets. The bill requires the state to create a plan for how we get to net-zero and sets interim targets to keep us on track.

Right now the Administration is planning how to reach our current, outdated emissions reduction target. We do not have any time to waste. The legislature must act now to update the target and create a bold plan to get us there.

Call your State Representative and ask them to urge Chair Michlewitz to report out H.3983 favorably. Here is a sample script with some talking points about why this is so important. Enter your address and click on your State Representative to find their phone number.

Good news on the environmental budget! Thank your legislators.

After months of hard work by our State Representatives and Senators and important advocacy by passionate Massachusetts residents like you, the legislature has finally completed the state operating budget for fiscal year 2020.

All four of the Green Budget Coalition’s priority line-items are funded above our recommended level. This is a notable step toward restoring funding for our environmental programs and agencies. Send a message to your State Representative and State Senator thanking them for their hard work and for making the environment a priority.

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Support More Offshore Wind

Offshore wind is an efficient and reliable source of clean energy. As fossil fuel power plants continue to go offline, Massachusetts needs to double down on our offshore wind resources. Sign on to show your support for more offshore wind in Massachusetts.

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Sign On Today to Support ELM’s

Agenda for a Sustainable Future

The Environmental League of Massachusetts has announced its Agenda for a Sustainable Future. Sign our petition to show you support this agenda.

Green Budget
DEP Administration, DCR Parks, DCR Watershed, and DER
Our environmental agencies remain underfunded and understaffed. Adequate budgets for DEP, DCR, and DER are critical to maintaining clean air and water and the public health of our residents.

An Act Relative to Multi-State Offshore Wind Procurement
HD2206 – Representative Dave Rogers
This legislation compels Massachusetts to reach out to the other New England states to explore a joint procurement for 6 GW of new offshore wind. It would authorize Massachusetts to enter into such an agreement and direct utilities to purchase this new power. Clean, inexpensive, and plentiful offshore wind should replace the 4-9 GW of older fossil and nuclear power plants that will close in coming years.

An Act to Promote Green Infrastructure and Reduce Carbon Emissions
HD2370 – Representative Jen Benson
This bill puts a price on carbon emissions and creates new revenue to reinvest in further mitigation. It also takes significant steps to ensure that low and moderate income families are protected. This market based approach would result in significant emissions reductions.

An Act Relative to Home Energy Efficiency
HD3891/SD1069 – Senator Eric Lesser and Representative Adrian Madaro
This legislation requires energy audits and scores on all home sales, solidifying Massachusetts’ position as a national leader in energy efficiency while increasing consumer protection.

An Act to Create a 2050 Roadmap to a Clean and Thriving Commonwealth
HD3577 – Representative Joan Meschino
This bill amends the Global Warming Solutions Act (GWSA) to require carbon neutrality by 2050. It would authorize carbon pricing, identify pathways to eliminate carbon from all sectors, and require 2030 and 2040 interim emission limits.

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