2020 will be an important and exciting year for elections across the country. We aim to make climate change a top issue in every campaign at every level. It will take bold action to prevent the worst impacts of climate change and elected officials at every level should be held accountable for having comprehensive plans for combating climate change and protecting our land, water, and public health.

RE-ELECTED Christine Barber

State Representative, 34th Middlesex

Representative Barber worked tirelessly to fix dangerous gas leaks and now has her sights set on pushing Massachusetts toward 100% renewable energy by 2045, transitioning to zero emissions vehicles, and using an environmental justice lens to ensure every community can enjoy a clean and healthy future.  

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RE-ELECTED Natalie Blais

State Representative, 1st Franklin

The rural 1st Franklin District needs representation at the State House that values environmental conservation and understands the unique challenges residents face in terms of safe, efficient transit and energy policy. She’s been a strong advocate for her constituents and will continue to fight for their interests and a bright future for the Commonwealth.

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Deb Busser

State Representative, 1st Middlesex

Deb grew up in the district and is passionate about the towns and constituents she would represent. She is a first-generation graduate of UMass Lowell and has spent years working with organizational leaders across industries to build effective teams and think strategically. Deb will bring these same skills with her to the State House.

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RE-ELECTED Michelle Ciccolo

State Representative, 15th Middlesex

Representative Ciccolo is a lifelong resident of Lexington. She served as President of the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) and a member of the Massachusetts Municipal Association Board. She was also a gubernatorial appointee to the Local Government Advisory Commission. She is a strong advocate for carbon pricing and comprehensive environmental justice legislation.

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RE-ELECTED Jo Comerford

State Senate, Hampshire, Franklin, & Worcester

Senator Comerford understands that we must act now to prevent the worst impacts of climate change. She supports efforts to transition to local, renewable energy that would create jobs and stimulate the economy.

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ELECTED Rob Consalvo

State Representative, 14th Suffolk

Rob was born and raised in the district. He’s been an active member of the community for years. He supports reliable transportation options for everyone, as well as preserving and protecting accessible public open space.

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RE-ELECTED Cynthia Creem

State Senate, 1st Middlesex and Norfolk

Before being elected to the State Senate, Senator Creem served on the Newton Board of Aldermen and the state Governor’s Council. She earned her undergraduate degree and her law degree from Boston University. She’s been a strong ally at the State House and an environmental champion since her election.

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ELECTED John Cronin

State Senate, Worcester and Middlesex

John Cronin has vision, values, and integrity. He is a veteran with a passion for his country and his community. He will advocate for increased renewable energy and environmental justice.

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RE-ELECTED Michael Day

State Representative, 31st Middlesex

Representative Day graduated from UMass Amherst and got his law degree at Georgetown University. He has been an environmental champion at the State House since his election. He’s a strong advocate for the 2050 Roadmap bill which would help Massachusetts achieve our climate change mandates.

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RE-ELECTED Carol Doherty

State Representative, 3rd Bristol

Carol has dedicated her life to improving education. She has been an elementary school teacher, President of the Massachusetts Teachers Association, Director of Professional Development in the School of Education at Northeastern University, and a Taunton School Committee member. Increasing clean energy and maintaining a healthy environment are top priorities for Carol’s campaign.

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State Representative, 3rd Hampshire

Representative Domb was elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 2018. She has lived in Amherst for over 20 years. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Barnard College and completed graduate coursework in adult learning for a masters degree from Teachers College Columbia University. Representative Domb previously served as a member of Amherst Town Meeting, co-coordinator of the Amherst campaign to elect Elizabeth Warren to the U.S. Senate in 2012 and the Amherst organizer for the campaign to elect Maura Healey Massachusetts Attorney General in 2014. Prior to her election, she was Executive Director of the Amherst Survival Center. 

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RE-ELECTED Paul Donato

State Representative, 35th Middlesex

Representative Donato entered the Massachusetts State Legislature in 2001. He has always placed public health as a top priority and is a staunch advocate for achieving 100% renewable energy and improving energy efficiency.

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State Representative, 5th Hampden

Pat is the longtime legislative aide of Representative Aaron Vega. She supports alternative energy solutions that would benefit the citizens of the 5th Hampden. She also supports ELM’s goal of ensuring adequate funding for environmental agencies and programs in the state budget.

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Christina Eckert

State Representative, 2nd Essex

Christina will advocate for increased clean energy and a roadmap to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050. She also understands the importance for fighting for environmental justice and the connections between environmental protection and public health. Her time spent leading the Merrimack River Watershed Council gives her unique experience that will help her advocate for its protection for future generations.

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Teresa English

State Representative, 22nd Middlesex

Teresa English is a Veteran Military Analyst and former history teacher at Lawrence High School. If elected, she will advocate for bold solutions Massachusetts can pursue to transition to renewable energy and curb carbon emissions.

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RE-ELECTED Barry Finegold

State Senate, 2nd Essex and Middlesex

Senator Finegold was elected in 2018 to the Senate seat he previously held from 2010-2015. He supports a transition to 100% renewable energy by 2045 and is committed to bold solutions to the climate crisis.

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ELECTED Brandy Fluker-Oakley

State Representative, 12th Suffolk

Brandy has dedicated her career to advocacy, education equity, and progressive causes. She has worked as a teacher and a public defender, allowing her to see firsthand the inequities that run through both our education and criminal justice systems. She understands the importance of community relationships and finding community based solutions. Brandy has experience working across sectors collaborating with organizations and groups and will be an effective change maker at the State House. 

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ELECTED Jessica Giannino

State Representative, 16th Suffolk

Jessica has served as a Revere City Councilor since 2012, and as the City Council President in 2016 and 2018. She is a passionate and vocal advocate for environmental justice and underserved and overburdened communities. She is also pushing for a transportation system that works for residents and constituents in her district.

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Amber Hewett

State Representative, 1st Essex
Amber Hewett has been an advocate for the environment for years in her role at the National Wildlife Federation. She is running for State Representative on a strong platform that includes transitioning us away from dirty and dangerous fossil fuels and toward renewable sources of energy like offshore wind. She has a deep understanding and passion for ELM’s priority issues. She has spent her professional career engaging with communities and state legislatures along the east coast, advocating for offshore wind power.

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RE-ELECTED Natalie Higgins

State Representative, 4th Worcester

Representative Higgins’s experience as both an attorney and the director of a nonprofit has given her a deep understanding of the needs of her community. She has deep roots in Leominster and comes from a long line of small business owners and civil servants. She has focused on mental health, domestic violence prevention, and improving access to higher education along with being one of our top environmental champions at the State House.  

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RE-ELECTED Kevin Honan

State Representative, 17th Suffolk

Representative Honan has been a strong advocate for Allston-Brighton for decades. He was a supporter of the Roadmap Bill in the House, advocating for amendments that would increase offshore wind resources and codify environmental justice language into law.

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RE-ELECTED Patricia Jehlen

State Senate, 2nd Middlesex

Senator Patricia Jehlen was elected to the Massachusetts Senate in 2005. She is a former history teacher, graduated from Swarthmore College, received a Master’s degree from Harvard University, and completed Master’s course work in history at UMass Boston. She has served on the Somerville School Committee and is passionate about protecting our rivers and open space as well as reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.

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State Representative, 20th Middlesex

Representative Jones was first elected to the Massachusetts State House of Representatives in 1994. He grew up in North Reading and attended Johns Hopkins University and the Harvard University Extension School. He has been instrumental in securing increases for the Conservation Land Tax Credit and a strong advocate for clean, efficient, renewable energy.

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ELECTED Sally Kerans

State Representative, 13th Essex

Sally served as a State Representative from 1991-1997. Since then she’s stayed involved in her community in Danvers by serving on the Finance Committee, the Human Rights and Inclusion Committee, as a Town Meeting Member, and more. She has a B.A. from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and an MPA from the JFK School of Government at Harvard University.  

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ELECTED Meg Kilcoyne

State Representative, 12th Worcester

Meg is a law student at Suffolk University and has worked at the State House since 2010. She has years of experience advocating for her community and building relationships with constituents. She supports the 2050 Roadmap to ensure that the Commonwealth’s Carbon Emissions are net-zero by the year 2050. She values preserving and protecting natural resources and reducing our carbon footprint.

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ELECTED Michael Kushmerek

State Representative, 3rd Worcester

Michael has a master’s degree from Fitchburg State University and has served as Fitchburg City Council President since 2016. He recognizes the urgency of the climate crisis and the connection between strong environmental policy and public health.

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RE-ELECTED Kathy LaNatra

State Representative, 12th Plymouth

Representative LaNatra was first elected to the MA House of Representatives in 2018. She is a small-business owner, realtor, mother, and active member of her community. She sees the impact climate change is already having on our communities and she understands the threats we face if we do not act.

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RE-ELECTED Eric Lesser

State Senate, 1st Hampden and Hampshire

Senator Lesser was first elected to the Massachusetts Senate in 2014. Prior to his election he worked in the Obama White House. At the State House, he is an environmental champion advocating for increased budgets for environmental agencies and programs and improvements to home energy efficiency. He is also a strong advocate for an East-West rail system that would improve access to public transportation.

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State Representative, 7th Middlesex

Representative Lewis is an ordained minister and previously founded and served as Executive Director of Out MetroWest, a nonprofit providing resources to at risk LGBTQ youth. He supports a clear roadmap to ensure Massachusetts achieves our emissions reduction requirements by 2050. He’s also a strong advocate for rooftop solar and environmental justice.

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RE-ELECTED David Linsky

State Representative, 5th Middlesex

Representative Linsky was first elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 1999. He earned his undergraduate degree from Colby College and his law degree from Boston College. He served on the Natick Conservation Commission from 1984 to 1988, and has been a member of the Bennett/Hemenway School Parent Teacher Organization, the Broadmoor Audubon Sanctuary Board, the Natick Education Foundation, and the MetroWest YMCA Board of Directors. He supports a transition to renewable energy and the preservation and maintenance of our public parks and open spaces.

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RE-ELECTED Kate Lipper-Garabedian

State Representative, 32nd Middlesex

Representative Lipper-Garabedian was first elected to the State House in a special election in February. Since she was sworn in, her focus has been on supporting and representing her constituents through the current public health crisis along with her colleagues in the House of Representatives. She plans to support investments in Net Zero initiatives aimed at tackling greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuel use, like electrification, and strive for stronger state-local and regional partnerships to address climate change.

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RE-ELECTED Jay Livingstone

State Representative, 8th Suffolk

Representative Livingstone was first elected to the State House in 2013. He has been a strong and passionate advocate for his constituents ever since, fighting for adequate funding for environmental agencies and programs as well as reducing our carbon emissions to prevent the worst impacts of climate change.

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RE-ELECTED Adrian Madaro

State Representative, 1st Suffolk

Representative Madaro is a passionate advocate for his constituents. He understands the needs of the community and fights to move Massachusetts toward a clean, equitable future. Representative Madaro is a lifelong resident of East Boston and graduate of Tufts University. He was first elected in 2015. Rep. Madaro is focused on equitable solutions to public transportation, increasing accessible open space, and has always been a strong partner on energy efficiency.

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RE-ELECTED Joan Meschino

State Representative, 3rd Plymouth

Prior to her election to the State Legislature, Representative Meschino served as Selectman in Hull as well as Hull’s representative to the Metropolitan Area Planning Council. She is an environmental champion in the State House,leading the fight for the 2050 Roadmap bill. The coastal communities that are already experiencing the negative impacts of climate change like those of the 3rd Plymouth deserve a Representative that will make climate change a priority.


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RE-ELECTED Christina Minicucci

State Representative, 14th Essex

Representative Minicucci is a strong advocate for a transition to 100% renewable energy and improving our public transit system. She is also passionate about protecting clean water resources across the Commonwealth.  

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RE-ELECTED Liz Miranda

State Representative, 5th Suffolk

Representative Miranda is committed to building safer, healthier, and vibrant communities that are welcoming to families. She is a lifelong resident of her district and understands and cares deeply for her constituents. She understands and works to educate her colleagues and constituents on the connections between racial equity, public health, and environmental policy. 

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RE-ELECTED Frank Moran

State Representative, 17th Essex

Representative Moran was elected an At-Large Lawrence City Councilor in 2007 before being elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 2012. Along with being an environmental champion, he supports small businesses, works to address inequality issues, and fights for adequate funding for our underserved public schools.

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RE-ELECTED Susan Moran

State Senate, Plymouth and Barnstable

Susan has been chair of the Barnstable County Economic Development Council, Chair of Falmouth’s Board of Selectmen, an attorney, and a mental health and addiction treatment councilor. These roles have given her opportunities to meet and hear about the issues of residents in her community. She will be a strong advocate for clean energy solutions. She will also fight to protect coastal communities and the rest of the Commonwealth from the worst impacts of climate change.

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RE-ELECTED Tram Nguyen

State Representative, 18th Essex

Since her election in 2018, Representative Nguyen has been supportive of increasing the state’s environmental budget, transitioning Massachusetts to renewable energy, and investing in public transportation to make it more accessible and reduce pollution. After the 2018 Columbia Gas explosion, Representative Nguyen and the rest of the Merrimack Valley delegation worked hard to ensure gas companies are held accountable and communities are safe. 

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RE-ELECTED Patrick O'Connor

State Senate, Plymouth and Norfolk

Senator O’Connor is a lifelong resident of Weymouth and began his career in public service at the young age of 21. He has been a strong advocate for the district ever since. He knows and cares for his community, always putting an emphasis on constituent services. When re-elected, he will continue to fight to protect the Commonwealth’s environment and the citizens he represents. 

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ELECTED Jake Oliveira

State Representative, 7th Hampden

Jake is a graduate of Framingham State University. He has served on the Ludlow School Committee for 11 years and is a fierce advocate for public education in his role as the Assistant Executive Officer of the Massachusetts State Universities Council of Presidents. Investing in public transportation and parks and open space for the citizens of western Massachusetts are priorities for Jake.

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ELECTED Steve Owens

State Representative, 29th Middlesex

Steve shares our vision for a clean and healthy Massachusetts for future generations. His passion for renewable energy and knowledge of efficient, effective transportation systems will make him a strong advocate in the State House.

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RE-ELECTED Marc Pacheco

State Senate, Plymouth and Bristol

Senator Pacheco is the founding Chair of the Senate Committee on Global Warming and Climate ChangeHe never fails to make energy and environmental issues his top priority and is a strong advocate for the biggest solutions that are going to prevent the worst impacts of climate change. 

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ELECTED Ted Philips

State Representative, 8th Norfolk

Ted is a lifelong resident of Sharon. He is a graduate of Sharon High School and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the Sawyer School of Business at Suffolk University. Ted has worked in the offices of Senator Stephen M. Brewer and State Representative Louis Kafka. He plans to prioritize achieving 100% renewable energy by 2035 and adequately funding our environmental agencies and programs.

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ELECTED Orlando Ramos

State Representative, 9th Hampden

Orlando is a lifelong resident of Springfield. He graduated high school in 2000 with a degree in carpentry and joined the United Brotherhood of Carpenters Local 336. He went on to earn an Associate Degree from Springfield Technical Community College, a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Policy from UMass Amherst, and a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Westfield State University. He was elected to the City Council in 2013 and served as Council President in 2017 and 2018. His history of advocacy will make him a great representative for the people of Springfield at the State House.

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RE-ELECTED Becca Rausch

State Senate, Norfolk, Bristol and Middlesex

Senator Rausch lives in Needham with her spouse and children. Prior to her election in 2018 she was a local elected official. She has also served as an attorney and a law professor. She will continue to work to reduce our carbon emissions and move Massachusetts toward a renewable energy future.

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RE-ELECTED Maria Robinson

State Representative, 6th Middlesex

Representative Robinson is a former Town Meeting member, a clean energy policy expert, and an advocate. She graduated from MIT with a degree in chemical engineering and has a masters degree in law. She uses her clean energy policy expertise to advocate for expanding offshore wind power and energy efficiency and growing our clean energy economy to prevent the worst impacts of climate change.

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RE-ELECTED Dave Rogers

State Representative, 24th Middlesex

Representative Rogers has been a vocal advocate for advancing offshore wind and investing in our transportation system. In addition, consistently over a sustained period, he has had success in advancing the Green Budget and increased spending on environmental protection. We have been proud to work with the Representative on many issues, and have seen his commitment to standing up for what he believes and fighting for his constituents.

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State Representative, 2nd Suffolk

Representative Ryan values the natural resources that Massachusetts has to offer. He pushes for increased funding for the state’s environmental agencies and programs and is a strong advocate for the creation and maintenance of accessible outdoor public spaces for his constituents.

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RE-ELECTED Lindsay Sabadosa

State Representative, 1st Hampshire

Representative Sabadosa first got involved in politics as a campaign volunteer in high school working for the campaigns of Congressman John Olver, Senator John Kerry, and other local officials before focusing her electoral efforts on women candidates. Before being elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives, she ran a translation firm specializing in legal and financial translation. She is supportive of carbon fee and rebate programs, achieving 100% renewable energy, and environmental justice.

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RE-ELECTED Danillo Sena

State Representative, 37th Middlesex

Dan attended Middlesex Community College and UMass Amherst. He has spent the last six years serving as District Director for State Senator Jamie Eldridge, a dedicated environmental champion. Dan has made increasing renewable energy and improving public transit major priorities of his campaign. He also supports critical increases to the environmental budget including funding the Community Preservation Act and the Department of Environmental Protection.

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ELECTED Erika Uyterhoeven

State Representative, 27th Middlesex

Erika has served as an antitrust economist and strategy consultant. She has a strong track record of fighting for a government that works for all, and activating grassroots activists as a co-founder of the nonprofit Act on Mass. She supports increasing our renewable energy resources and transitioning to a green economy.

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RE-ELECTED Tommy Vitolo

State Representative, 15th Norfolk

With a PhD in Systems Engineering and a history working at Synapse Energy Economics, Representative Vitolo has long been a staunch advocate for transitioning Massachusetts to equitable and renewable energy. An avid biker, he is passionate about creating a transportation system that is safe and accessible for residents using all modes of transit and decreases our greenhouse gas emissions. Being a strong environmental advocate is part of Representative Vitolo’s way of life.

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