President Donald Trump has issued an executive order calling for a review of more than two dozen national monuments across the country designated since January 1996. 

The executive order puts the fate of our national parks and monuments in the hands of Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke. We need to demonstrate the overwhelming public support for national monuments and resist the administration’s attack on our public lands. Efforts to shrink or eliminate national monuments will hurt local economies and undermine one of the nation’s most important conservation tools. In our region, two national monuments are at risk.

The Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine Monument, which lies just 150 miles off the coast of Cape Cod, was designated by President Obama in September 2016. It consists of extinct volcanoes and canyons deeper than the Grand Canyon. The underwater treasure is home to deep-water corals, anemones and sponges, as well as Kemp’s ridley sea turtles and sperm, fin and sei whales. 

Our oceans are in danger. The impacts of climate change, overfishing and the proposed extraction of oil, gas and other resources threaten their health. The Gulf of Maine – where the monument is located -- is warming at a rate faster than almost any other marine area in the world.

Katahdin Woods and Waters encompasses 87,000 acres including rivers, streams, and prime wildlife habitat. It offers residents and visitors varied opportunities for recreation including hiking, cross-country skiing, fishing, hunting and snowmobiling. The area was designated a national monument in 2014. The land for this monument was acquired and donated by a long-time Maine resident along with a $40 million endowment to manage and steward this precious gift.

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