Representative Solomon Goldstein-Rose Endorsed by ELM Action Fund PAC

The Environmental League of Massachusetts Action Fund has endorsed Representative Solomon Goldstein-Rose of Amherst in the election for the 3rd Hampshire State Representative district, a credit to his commitment to the environment.

"Representative Goldstein-Rose is a rising environmental champion at the State House. He knows how to create jobs for the 21st century,” stated ELM Action Fund Executive Director Joe O’Brien. "He knows that in towns like Amherst and across the state we need to build a clean energy economy that will power us into the future."

“Representative Goldstein-Rose has made energy and the environment a top priority. He understands the importance of our state investing in clean energy and sustainable transportation to address climate change, create jobs, and build healthier communities,” said ELM Action Fund President Elizabeth Henry.

As a freshman State Representative, Goldstein-Rose founded the MA Clean Energy Caucus and had $1 million allocated in a bond bill for clean energy technology research. He has also worked to fund battery technology development and testing, as well as introduced an "Energy Jobs Bill" that he worked to support along with numerous other pieces of clean energy legislation.

"Climate change remains my top priority, and I look forward to continue working with ELM on bold energy policies for Massachusetts," said Goldstein-Rose.

Representative Goldstein-Rose grew up in Amherst and is the youngest current member of the Massachusetts legislature. He holds degrees in Engineering and Public Policy from Brown University and has served as an intern at the White House Council on Environmental Quality, as well as in the offices and on the campaigns of several U.S. Senators. To learn more about Representative Goldstein-Rose, please visit his website at

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