Paul Feeney Endorsed by Environmental League of Massachusetts Action Fund

Credit to Strong Commitment to the Environment and Creating Green Jobs

The Environmental League of Massachusetts Action Fund today endorsed Democrat Paul Feeney of Foxborough, in the special election for the Norfolk and Bristol State Senate district, a credit to his commitment to the environment. 

“Paul Feeney knows how to create jobs for the 21st century,” stated ELM Action Fund Executive Director Joe O’Brien. “He knows that in cities and towns across the state we need to build a clean energy economy including wind turbines and solar arrays that will power us into the future. Paul Feeney understands firsthand how these types of policies are creating well paying jobs that can’t be sent overseas and are saving communities and consumers money."

“Paul Feeney also understands the importance of our state investing in clean energy, sustainable transportation, and parks to help address climate change, create jobs, and build healthier communities,” said ELM Action Fund President Elizabeth Henry. “We need strong leaders like Paul in the State Senate who understand that we can have both a strong economy and a healthy environment.”

Paul Feeney has spent his adult life giving a voice to the hard-working middle class families, seniors and young people in the Bristol Norfolk district and across the state. He has worked in the private sector, as well as working in local and state government. Paul has also served in public office, being elected to the Foxborough Board of Selectmen in 2007, and Paul served as Chairman of the board in 2009. To learn more about Paul and his record of service to the community, please visit his website at  

The ELM Action Fund is a nonpartisan organization that helps pass laws that protect our environmental legacy, holds our elected officials accountable, and works to build the political power of the environmental community. To learn more about our work and our recent electoral victories go to