John Barrett III Endorsed by ELM Action Fund

The Environmental League of Massachusetts (ELM) proudly endorses John Barrett III for Massachusetts State Representative of the 1st Berkshire District because of his support for issues crucial to our state and its future as a leader in sustainability, job creation and alternative energy innovation.

“John Barrett understands the importance of our state investing in clean energy, sustainable transportation, and parks to help address climate change, create jobs, and build healthier communities,” said ELM Action Fund President Elizabeth Henry. “We need strong leaders like John in the State House who understand that we can have both a strong economy and a healthy environment.”

Barrett previously served as the Mayor of North Adams for 22 years and his governing experience makes him well aware of the environmental and economic challenges facing his district and the importance of developing practical and forward-looking solutions.

Barrett helped develop the Mass MoCA contemporary art museum in North Adams from the vestiges of 19th century mill buildings and the Sprague Electric plant, the demise of which in 1983 created a devastating loss of jobs. The conversion of this former factory site into the vast, cutting edge contemporary art space has given the area a new mission and identity.

“John Barrett has demonstrated his dedication to promoting opportunities for work and growth in his native Berkshires in a way that has been respectful of its unique history and environment with the desire to keep the area as beautiful and vital as it is now for future generations,” said ELM Executive Director Joe O’Brien

Barrett has pledged to work to increase access to public transportation and fight to make sure that the Berkshires gets its fair share of revenue to fund its local transportation needs. He  supports funding of all forms of transportation that will reduce greenhouse gases, whether it be earmarked for public means or strategies that make biking and walking good alternatives. In the same vein, Barrett is committed to making sure that spending and legislative decisions will promote the Commonwealth’s Sustainable Development Principles.

He received BS and masters degrees in education/administration from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, where he serves on the board of trustees. To learn more about his campaign please visit his Facebook page at

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