Nicole LaChapelle Endorsed by Environmental League of Massachusetts Action Fund

The Environmental League of Massachusetts Action Fund today endorsed Nicole M. LaChapelle, candidate for mayor in Easthampton, a credit to her strong commitment to the environment. 

“Nicole LaChapelle is committed to strong environmental policy for Easthampton and the Commonwealth,” stated ELM Action Fund Executive Director Joe O’Brien. “As a local official, LaChapelle was a strong advocate for environmentally conscious development and protective measures for conservation areas. She has also worked on environmental justice issues and believes that Easthampton should create a dedicated position in local government to support its environmental policies and initiatives."

“Nicole understands the importance of our state investing in clean energy, sustainable transportation and development, and parks to help address climate change, create jobs, and build healthier communities,” said ELM Action Fund President Elizabeth Henry. “We need strong leaders like Nicole in cities and towns across the state, who understand that we can have both a strong economy and a healthy environment.”

Nicole moved to Easthampton in 1997. She earned a BA from Smith College and a law degree from Western New England School of Law. Nicole currently works as an attorney focused on civil rights advocacy, especially as it pertains to education and labor rights. Nicole also has professional experience in public education, with her work at The Center for School Crisis Intervention and Assessment, which serves students with a wide range of behavioral and physical disabilities. In 2016, she served as the Chief of Pupil Services for Holyoke Public Schools. 

Nicole has a long record of community service and organizing, including serving on the Easthampton Zoning Board of Appeals; serving as Secretary of the Easthampton Democratic City Committee and as Treasurer of the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee; serving as co-chair of the Holyoke Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee; and serving from 2009 to 2010 as the State Appointee for the Hampshire County Regional Housing Authority.

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