Yvonne Spicer Endorsed by Environmental League of Massachusetts Action Fund

The Environmental League of Massachusetts Action Fund today endorsed education leader Yvonne Spicer for Mayor in Framingham, a credit to her strong commitment to the environment. 

“Yvonne Spicer is committed to strong environmental policies for Framingham,” stated ELM Action Fund Executive Director Joe O’Brien. “She supports environmentally-conscious growth and development, preserving open spaces, pollution clean-up, and public transportation improvement and investment for the Metro West area.”

“Yvonne Spicer also understands the importance of our state and local governments investing in clean energy, sustainable transportation, and parks to help address climate change, create jobs, and build healthier communities,” said ELM Action Fund President Elizabeth Henry. “We need strong leaders like Yvonne in cities and towns across the state, who understand that we can have both a strong economy and a healthy environment.”

Yvonne Spicer has been active in community and civic life in Framingham since moving to the community in 1985. She started a teaching career in Framingham and rose to department chair before being appointed to and serving as Director of Career & Technical Education in Newton Public Schools. In 2008 Yvonne was asked to start a new division at the Museum of Science and became the Vice President for Advocacy and Educational Partnerships. In this role she developed partnerships with policy makers, municipalities, business leaders, educational institutions and nonprofit organizations. Yvonne holds a Doctorate of Education from UMASS Boston, and was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Humanities degree by the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.

Governor Deval Patrick appointed her to the inaugural Massachusetts STEM Advisory Council, and she was reappointed by Governor Charlie Baker in 2017. She is an advisor to the National Governors Association, a member of the Massachusetts Business Roundtable and an Advisory Board Member of the MA State Treasurer’s Economic Empowerment Trust fund.

Yvonne is a Framingham Town Meeting Member representing precinct 6 and serves on the Ways and Means Committee. To learn more about Yvonne and her record of service to the community, please visit her website at www.yvonnespicerformayor.com.

The ELM Action Fund is a nonpartisan organization that helps pass laws that protect our environmental legacy, holds our elected officials accountable, and works to build the political power of the environmental community. To learn more about our work and our recent electoral victories go to www.elmaction.org/campaigns.