Act now to preserve Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge!

Cape Cod’s Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge is composed of an ever-changing series of barrier beaches and islands, dripping off the elbow of the Lower Cape. It is constantly reshaped by the winds, waves, tides and currents of the Atlantic to the east and Nantucket Sound to the west. Established in 1944 to protect migratory birds, Monomoy provides a haven for numerous species. Since it was established, the Refuge has been well managed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, allowing for appropriate recreational and commercial activities compatible with protecting these amazing natural resources, including fishing and shellfishing.

Recently, as part of a disturbing national trend, some local officials are demanding that part of the refuge be removed from federal protection and management and turned over to state and local governments. 

We must resist! We need to stop these attempts by powerful and monied interests to go backwards and undo longstanding protections. These lands are our heritage and our legacy.

Congressman Bill Keating has proposed legislation that would change Monomoy’s western boundary –turning over control and management of about half of the 7,921 acre refuge to state and local government. This legislation has the unintended consequence of feeding into the radical public lands takeover movement. We need to make sure this environmentally hostile Congress stays out of the Monomoy dispute. Contact Congressman Keating now and let him know you oppose this legislation.

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