67 Environmental Rules On The Way Out Under Trump And What We Can Do In Massachusetts Right Now

In his time in office, Donald Trump has mounted an attack on an environmental rule an average of once every week. Of these 67 attacks, half have been successful in overturning their targeted environmental rule or regulation.

This has put federal agencies on the defensive. They are struggling to keep their missions intact. We cannot sit by as the Trump administration works to dangerously rollback hard-won environmental protections.

That's why ELM is joining a nationwide campaign calling for Clean Energy for All.

Our national partner the League of Conservation Voters and other affiliated organizations are joining forces to push the nation towards a future powered by 100% clean energy.

We need to do more here in Massachusetts. Our state legislature is approaching the end of its session with substantial opportunities to move us in the right direction. While Donald Trump is repealing anti-dumping rules for coal companies and opening public lands to fracking, Massachusetts can show the rest of the world what leadership truly looks like. We can abolish our solar net metering cap, increase the percentage of renewable energy on our grid, and more. 

It is incredibly hopeful here. We do not need to be dragged down or defeated by the attacks on our environment taking place in Washington. We must call on the state legislature to pass key environmental measures and make progress towards a clean and sustainable future.

Join the fight for #CleanEnergyForAll. 
Urge your State Representative and State Senator to take action.