Urge Governor Baker to Support Critical Updates to RGGI

The US is pulling out of the Paris Agreement.
The EPA is being destroyed from the inside out.
Now is the time for the Northeast to prove its leadership.
Let's tell our Governor to make critical updates to RGGI.

For months, states across the nation have declared that despite what is happening at the federal level, they will continue to prioritize the environment and uphold emissions standards that the federal government has chosen to abandon. Governor Baker is one of 14 Governors that has joined the U.S. Climate Alliance, committing the Commonwealth to uphold the objectives of the 2015 Paris Agreement.

But now it's time to walk the walk.

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) consists of nine northeastern states that participate in an interstate cap-and-trade system to limit carbon dioxide emissions. Currently the program is under review to determine if it should adopt new, stricter standards.

For Massachusetts to lead on environmental and energy policy, Governor Baker must support an annual emission reduction that is at least as ambitious as the 3.5% per year option under consideration. 

RGGI continues to set meaningful emissions reduction targets when the federal government won't. The stricter the regulations and the more states included, the more meaningful the coalition will be. Act now to urge Governor Baker to support critical updates to RGGI.