Add Your Name: Don't Let Trump Take Our Lands

President Trump recently signed an executive order attempting to eliminate or shrink national parks and monuments. The list of monuments under review includes the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument, 150 miles off the coast of Cape Cod. This executive order is an attack on oceans, parks, and shared American history and heritage.

For just a few weeks, the Department of the Interior will be taking public comments. Now is the time to show Secretary Zinke that we want our lands and waters to remain protected. No president has ever attempted to revoke a predecessor’s monument designation, until now.

Help stop this unprecedented attack. We’re uniting with the League of Conservation Voters and other state affiliates to gather 200,000 public comments standing up for our lands. Tell Secretary Zinke and the Department of the Interior that New Englanders want all national monuments to be protected for future generations.