Act Now: Restore MA environmental funding

Washington is slashing environmental funding. Now is the time for cities and states to step up. Urge your State Representative to co-sponsor our Green Budget amendments to protect the Massachusetts environment.

Our state budget for environmental programs and agencies has been cut year after year. It is less than 1% of the overall state budget. With the environment now under attack by the Trump administration, it is critical that environmental programs in Massachusetts are adequately funded. The legislature must restore the budgets of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Conservation and Recreation. That's why we create the Green Budget and advocate for its funding recommendations.

Currently, half a penny of each dollar in the state operating budget goes to environmental programs. Is half of a penny enough to keep our parks open, clean, and appropriately staffed? To monitor and test our drinking water? To clean contaminated and hazardous sites?

The responsibilities of state level environmental agencies are numerous and growing. When environmental agencies suffer, so does the quality of life for all Massachusetts residents.

Representatives must co-sponsor amendments this week so it is critical to get in touch with them now.