Sign the Petition: Trump Won't Protect the Environment. We Will.

URGENT: Trump won't protect the environment. We will.

The Trump administration is gutting the federal Environmental Protection Agency. Now more than ever, protecting the environment is the state's responsibility. Add your name to tell Governor Baker and the state legislature that now is the time to invest in MassDEP.

MA needs to protect itself against EPA cuts. Not only does the federal EPA do direct work in Massachusetts, but state environmental agencies receive millions of dollars a year in federal grants. Now, with cuts to the federal EPA looming, the state will be expected to do more environmental protection itself. 

But for years budgets of environmental agencies in Massachusetts have been chipped away. Since 2006 MassDEP funding is down 30% and enforcement is down 50%. At current funding levels, MassDEP cannot do its job, much less take on more responsibility from the federal government. State environmental agencies cannot do more with less. Don't believe us? Here's the proof.

Tell Governor Baker and the legislature that it's Massachusetts' job to protect our environment.