Urge Your State Rep. to Support Healthy Communities!

Are you often stuck in traffic, wish you could walk or bike to more places, want seniors to be able to stay in the communities where they raised their families?  Do you want to make sure we develop in ways that protect natural areas and that parks and green spaces are plentiful?  How we zone and where we develop is vitally important and impacts so many aspects of our lives. 

There is legislation that will encourage a more rational approach to zoning and development that will support neighborhoods and families, preserve open space, promote healthy communities, and give cities and towns the tools they need to make smart development choices.  It is one of ELM’s top legislative priorities.

Right now legislators are deciding which bills they will co-sponsor in the new legislative session. Contact your State Representative today to urge him or her to co-sponsor An Act Building for the Future. We have already crafted a message for you – all you need to do is enter your address. The deadline for Representatives to cosponsor legislation is Friday, Feb. 3rd.