Ask Your State Rep to Co-Sponsor Our First In The Nation Energy Efficiency Bill

If an MPG sticker helps you choose a car, why not have an energy rating on your largest purchase: your home?

The bill is simple. It requires homeowners to get a free energy audit before they sell their home. Nothing more is required and there’s no cost to residents or the Commonwealth. Homes can be sold as is, but the audit will generate an energy performance label so you will know what you're getting into. This is important consumer information and we believe it will lead to lower utility bills and tremendous energy savings.

This bill is ELM’s top legislative priority. Right now legislators are deciding which bills they will co-sponsor in the new legislative session. Contact your State Representative today to urge them to co-sponsor An Act relative to home energy efficiency. We have already crafted a message for you – all you need to do is enter your address.