Act Now: Restore MA environmental funding

Washington is slashing environmental funding. Now is the time for cities and states to step up. Urge your State Representative to co-sponsor our Green Budget amendments to protect the Massachusetts environment.

Our state budget for environmental programs and agencies has been cut year after year. It is less than 1% of the overall state budget. With the environment now under attack by the Trump administration, it is critical that environmental programs in Massachusetts are adequately funded. The legislature must restore the budgets of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Conservation and Recreation. That's why we create the Green Budget and advocate for its funding recommendations.

Currently, half a penny of each dollar in the state operating budget goes to environmental programs. Is half of a penny enough to keep our parks open, clean, and appropriately staffed? To monitor and test our drinking water? To clean contaminated and hazardous sites?

The responsibilities of state level environmental agencies are numerous and growing. When environmental agencies suffer, so does the quality of life for all Massachusetts residents.

Representatives must co-sponsor amendments this week so it is critical to get in touch with them now.  

Sign the Petition: Trump Won't Protect the Environment. We Will.

URGENT: Trump won't protect the environment. We will.

The Trump administration is gutting the federal Environmental Protection Agency. Now more than ever, protecting the environment is the state's responsibility. Add your name to tell Governor Baker and the state legislature that now is the time to invest in MassDEP.

MA needs to protect itself against EPA cuts. Not only does the federal EPA do direct work in Massachusetts, but state environmental agencies receive millions of dollars a year in federal grants. Now, with cuts to the federal EPA looming, the state will be expected to do more environmental protection itself. 

But for years budgets of environmental agencies in Massachusetts have been chipped away. Since 2006 MassDEP funding is down 30% and enforcement is down 50%. At current funding levels, MassDEP cannot do its job, much less take on more responsibility from the federal government. State environmental agencies cannot do more with less. Don't believe us? Here's the proof.

Tell Governor Baker and the legislature that it's Massachusetts' job to protect our environment.

Thank You For Taking Action!

Last week State Representatives received hundreds of emails from supporters like you urging them to co-sponsor our priority legislation. Thanks to your action, the Legislators listed below have co-sponsored our priority bills. If your legislator is on the list, please get in touch with them to say thank you! Don't see your legislator on the list? Get in touch with them and tell them its not too late to support our priorities.

Home Energy Audit co-sponsors
Great Neighborhoods co-sponsors

Find out who your legislators are and how to contact them.

Urge Your State Rep. to Support Healthy Communities!

Are you often stuck in traffic, wish you could walk or bike to more places, want seniors to be able to stay in the communities where they raised their families?  Do you want to make sure we develop in ways that protect natural areas and that parks and green spaces are plentiful?  How we zone and where we develop is vitally important and impacts so many aspects of our lives. 

There is legislation that will encourage a more rational approach to zoning and development that will support neighborhoods and families, preserve open space, promote healthy communities, and give cities and towns the tools they need to make smart development choices.  It is one of ELM’s top legislative priorities.

Right now legislators are deciding which bills they will co-sponsor in the new legislative session. Contact your State Representative today to urge him or her to co-sponsor An Act Building for the Future. We have already crafted a message for you – all you need to do is enter your address. The deadline for Representatives to cosponsor legislation is Friday, Feb. 3rd.

Ask Your State Rep to Co-Sponsor Our First In The Nation Energy Efficiency Bill

If an MPG sticker helps you choose a car, why not have an energy rating on your largest purchase: your home?

The bill is simple. It requires homeowners to get a free energy audit before they sell their home. Nothing more is required and there’s no cost to residents or the Commonwealth. Homes can be sold as is, but the audit will generate an energy performance label so you will know what you're getting into. This is important consumer information and we believe it will lead to lower utility bills and tremendous energy savings.

This bill is ELM’s top legislative priority. Right now legislators are deciding which bills they will co-sponsor in the new legislative session. Contact your State Representative today to urge them to co-sponsor An Act relative to home energy efficiency. We have already crafted a message for you – all you need to do is enter your address.